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Privacy Policy


            At Made New Health and Wellness, LLC. (“MNHW”), we value your privacy. The dual objectives of our Privacy Policy are (1) to disclose and explain what information we collect, use, and share, and (2) to explain the privacy choices that you can make when using our website. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy as well as those of any other websites that you visit. This MNHW Privacy Policy applies to all users of is not intended for use outside of the United States. This Privacy Policy became effective September 2nd, 2021.



            You should feel secure in knowing that MNHW does not sell or share your personal information with marketers outside of MNHW and MNHW’s authorized agent(s).

Information You Submit on

         When you visit, we provide an opportunity for you to submit information so that we may better serve your ongoing needs. We do not use “cookie” technology to collect any information from your computer. When you leave messages through the website MNHW only collects the data shown in the message form. Specific pages of provide submission fields that permit you to submit personally identifiable information along with any inquiry. The personally identifiable information collected through the submission form must include entries for your email address, name, and phone number, and may include a subject entry or a message entry. It is your decision whether to submit the information to MNHW directly through or to contact MNHW via a different form of communication as set forth below. Your decision is voluntary and is not required by MNHW in order to utilize the website. In lieu of submitting information through, you may submit your inquiries via email at or by phone at 574.475.7240. If you choose to submit information through, you will be required to complete all required fields in the submission form. By submitting the form, you voluntarily “opt-in” to the uses of your submitted information, including your personally identifiable information (name, email address, phone number, and other details left in the subject or message sections) described herein.

Using Your Personal Information

            MNHW does not sell or share customer information with entities outside of MNHW and MNHW’s authorized agent(s). You do not need to take any action for this benefit. MNHW may use your information to identify you and your needs and to connect you with a member of the MNHW team who may best assist you. MNHW uses the information to process your inquiries, provide follow-up correspondence, respond to specific requests, facilitate the purchase and sale of services, facilitate a client relationship, and send out a company newsletter. MNHW also uses your information and inquiries to provide you with a more effective customer experience while on our website and dealing with our company. In order to do this, MNHW may process your information or combine it with other publicly available information. 

            If you voluntarily submit information online, we may share information with third parties as required by law. To the extent permitted by law, we may disclose personally identifiable information to government authorities or third parties pursuant to a legal request, subpoena, or other legal process.

Using Your Contact Information

            We may use your email address or other contact information for the following types of communications:

• Direct Communication.  MNHW may send you correspondence directly. This direct communication is intended to be responsive to your original inquiry and to provide follow-up from that point forward.

• Occasional Updates and Valuable Offers.  MNHW may communicate with you about updates related to our services (e.g. pricing changes, new service offerings, etc.).

• Newsletters or Publications.  MNHW may send you newsletters or publications related to MNHW or its services.

• Service Notifications.  MNHW may communicate service notifications related to your account(s). These service notifications may include, but are not limited to, correspondence containing: account information, answers to questions about MNHW services, purchase and sale information, or required legal or regulatory disclosures.

• General Information.  MNHW may correspond with you regarding general information associated with MNHW that we believe would be valuable to you.

Linked Websites

         Embed codes for social media and other websites may be located throughout and connect you to websites owned and operated by business entities that are unaffiliated with MNHW. Such third-party websites likely have privacy policies that differ from that of MNHW. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of such third-party websites, if any, when utilizing any embed code located on Many social media websites utilize “cookie” technology or “web beacon” technology to directly monitor your information and acquire your IP address. By utilizing any embed code located on, the user acknowledges that MNHW is not responsible and does not otherwise warrant the degree of privacy protection provided by any website associated with an embed code located on 

         Third parties may choose to place ads, hyperlinks, embed codes, or other items that link their website to the MNHW website. MNHW does not accept responsibility or otherwise warrant the degree of privacy protection provided by any third-party website that provides a link to MNHW is not responsible for the activities or practices that take place on any linked website. MNHW may choose to perform tracking and reporting activities associated with the websites providing the links to This information would enable MNHW to learn which links bring users to the company website.

         Third-party entities who have partnered or contracted with MNHW, if any, have their own privacy policies. If you would like more information about their privacy policies, including information on how to opt out of their tracking methods, please review their independent privacy policies.


        We may post customer testimonials, comments, or reviews on our website, which may contain personally identifiable information. If we choose to post your testimonial, we will obtain your written consent prior to doing so. To request the removal of your testimonial, please contact us through one of the methods listed below:

A. Calling 574.475.7240.

B. Emailing

Children’s Privacy

   is not intended for use by children. We do not knowingly solicit data online from, or market online to, children under the age of 13. If we obtain personally identifiable information in error on a child under the age of 13, we will delete that information from our systems upon notification that the individual is under the age of 13.


Comment Sections

   utilizes comment sections, which allow third parties to post information on the website. Any comment posted to the website by a third party may be removed by MNHW at the discretion of MNHW or any of its authorized agents. Any information posted to the website by a third party is public and will not be provided any level of privacy. By posting a comment on, you are authorizing MNHW to use and reproduce such information.



            MNHW respects the choices that you make regarding your privacy. You may request that MNHW terminate a certain form of communication, such as newsletter emails. Please remember that you “opt-in” to receiving correspondence, including newsletter emails, when you voluntarily submit your inquiry via or otherwise provide us with your specific contact information.

How to Opt Out of Specific Types of Communications

            If you decide that you no longer wish to receive specific types of communications, you may submit a request to opt-out of such communication by identifying the type of communication that you no longer desire to receive. You can make your request by:

A. Calling 574.475.7240.

B. Emailing

Access or Make Changes to Your Information

            If you wish to make an adjustment to information that you have submitted to MNHW via, please call 574.475.7240, or email Upon your request, MNHW may provide for your review a copy of the information you previously submitted, if such information is readily available to MNHW at that time. MNHW will maintain your information for a period of time as authorized or required by law or, if no law applies, for an unknown period of time, up to indefinitely.

Complaint Procedure

            If you wish to submit a complaint related to MNHW’s use of information submitted via, please call 574.475.7240, or email the MNHW team at


            We take reasonable precautions to keep all information obtained from our online visitors secure against unauthorized access and use, and we periodically review our security measures. When you voluntarily provide us with information such as your name, email address, or phone number, that information is encrypted and transferred over a secure connection, available on browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. The padlock icon found in most browsers will appear locked and the first characters of the website address will change from “http” to “https” if you are accessing a secure server.  Do not use email or to submit any sensitive or confidential information. Once your information reaches us, only MNHW and its authorized agents are given access to the information. 


            This MNHW Privacy Policy applies to all users of This Privacy Policy may be modified or updated from time to time. MNHW encourages users to periodically review this Privacy Policy. The effective date of any update or modification will be located in the fourth paragraph of this Privacy Policy. MNHW will not provide notice of any modifications or updates made to this Privacy Policy beyond such notice, if any, provided in paragraph one, which states the effective date of the most recent update.

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