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About Us

Being “Made New“ means becoming the best version of yourself. Caylee and Tammy want to walk alongside you as you discover what that means. We can help you reach your goals, create healthy habits, make great lifestyle changes, find balance and purpose, and much more! Whether it be you or someone you love that needs that support and accountability, reach out to us. Thanks for being here. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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It’s NEVER too early

or too late to become the BEST version of yourself.


One - on - One Coaching

Corporate Wellness

If you really want to make healthy lifestyle changes, but just can't achieve them on your own… Or if you have tried everything and don’t know what to do next… Health and Wellness Coaching is for you. Through our time together, you can reach your goals, improve your relationships, find work - life balance, experience sustained energy, increase your confidence, and much more. 

As health coaches, it is our job to support those currently struggling with something. But we can also educate in order to prevent issues from arising. We develop programs or speaking engagements for companies interested in the well - being of their staff. In doing so, these companies can reduce their healthcare costs, boost employee morale, and improve daily productivity.

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Can't wait to hear from you!

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